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Ed Sheeran Asks Fans For A Favor… And They Deliver Beautifully!

ed sheeran talking to fans

This star surprised a few fans by showing up to say hello — but he came bearing a gift! Ed Sheeran brought along some disposable cameras for his concertgoers to shoot the show from their perspective.

The result?

Incredible, innovative pictures that truly capture the magic of seeing a favorite artist in action.

Witnessing Ed Sheeran’s talent in person is, no doubt, a memorable night. But Ed doesn’t get to see the faces of all of his excited audience members. He might catch glances of the front row here and there, but the cameras give Ed Sheeran a clear glimpse of the fun going on in the audience.

From hands in the air to precious friend pictures, these fans captured some beautiful moments. What a fun way to get in-the-moment, totally authentic pictures of your supporters!

fans at Ed Sheeran's concert
This image is from TikTok.

These fans were having the time of their lives and, incredibly, Ed Sheeran gets to see pictures from more than one camera. He’s got eyes all over his concerts, making sure that everyone is having a wonderful time.

Viewers in the comments were so excited for these fans, though many couldn’t understand how the girls he gave the camera to stayed so calm.

I suspect they had a heads up they’d be on film and had their freak-out before the TikTok!

fans at Ed Sheeran's concert posing for the camera
This image is from TikTok.

Other commenters were geeked about the great idea this was. Ed Sheeran giving his fans a camera is a powerful way to build community with one another and with him.

A few of the “photographers” even shared about their experience in the comments!

“This was so fun to be a part of! Thanks for the memories,” said one lucky concertgoer.

What a wonderful way to hold onto this special night.

The featured image for this post is from TikTok.

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