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Ecuador’s 1st Dental Assistance Dog Soothes Anxious Kids With His Calming Presence.

Two dental workers at Parque Dental smile and pose with two young patients and Aldo the dog. The room they are in is colorful and has bean bag chairs and a shelf with action figures and dolls.

From the moment we go to our first dentist appointment, most of us absolutely hate it. This feeling of dread, or even fear, continues on well into adulthood. Considering how important it is that we take care of our teeth, this isn’t ideal. Parque Dental in Ecuador is on a mission to change this universal experience.

Providing treatment specifically for kids, Parque Dental aims to do their best to provide their patients with high-quality care that won’t leave them dreading the day they have to return. They do this, in part, through creating a comfortable and safe environment. Their most unique method, however, involves a dog.

Meet Aldo, Ecuador’s first dental assistant dog. Although he isn’t trained to clean teeth, he does have a very important job: He helps kids stay calm and happy.

While the presence of many an adorable pup would bring joy to many kids, Aldo didn’t become an official dental assistant from his adorable face alone. Instead, he prepared for this role by training for two years as an emotional assistance dog.

Thanks to this training, he’s developed the skills needed to interact with these nervous kiddos in a way that is safe and helpful.

First, Aldo greets his patients, instantly making them feel more at ease. From there, kids have the option to pet him before, during, and after their treatment. On top of that, Aldo is more than happy to provide them with much needed distractions with the use of his many impressive tricks.

In having Aldo around, the human workers have found that the children are much more calm. In fact, they’re even able to have fun!

In creating such a calming environment, Parque Dental isn’t just helping little ones with a handful of visits. They’re setting them up to view dental care in a positive light, making it much easier for them to prioritize their health. How amazing is that?

Honestly, we wouldn’t mind if dental assistant dogs were available for older patients as well…

Watch Aldo in action in the video below, and share this story to thank Aldo for being such a good dental assistant.

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