Ecstatic Woman Discovers That You Can Buy The Cheese Graters From Olive Garden.

Image shows a woman who was overjoyed when she found out she could buy an Olive Garden Cheese grater.

Life is short, and you should buy the cheese grater. Let me explain for those who have never visited an Olive Garden restaurant. They are an Italian restaurant, and Italian food is always better with freshly grated parmesan cheese. Don’t ask. It just is. Olive Garden servers grate fresh cheese at your table; this signature perk is a customer favorite.


I never knew Olive Garden sold cheese graters. Did you know they do? It’s true! Several videos of people testing the theory and walking away satisfied with an Olive Garden cheese grater exist.

After seeing a TikTok video, Erin Marie had to check this out. Sitting at her table after receiving the “yes” answer to her question, Erin let out a squeal of pure joy.

Image from TikTok.

Not only can you buy the cheese grater, but you can opt to get a brand-new one. The typical purchase is the grater used by the serving staff at your table. But you can opt for a new one! Whether you opt for new or gently used, your Olive Garden cheese grater also comes with a healthy supply of fresh parmesan!

When Erin asked if it came with cheese, the waitress said, “It can.” Erin let out a squeaky yelp this time. Surprised at the sound that had just escaped her mouth, Erin quickly covered her face. It didn’t matter. You can still see the joy radiating outward. She is giddy.

Image from TikTok.

If Erin is on your Christmas gift-giving list, she doesn’t need the cheese grater she requested. However, you could get her some excellent cheese with her new grater! Yes, of course, she bought the Olive Garden cheese grater. It’s only $14.99, and that’s quite a bargain! Watch Erin’s hilarious reaction at the realization of her dreams.

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