This Company Is Helping People “Hear Life To The Fullest” In Style.

eargo hearing aids

Hearing aids have been giving the gift of hearing back for the better part of 100 years, but few people actually want to wear them today.

While nearly 43 million Americans suffer from some form of hearing loss, only about a quarter of them get the hearing aids they need! For many, traditional pairs are a bigger pain than simply going without. That’s where Eargo comes in.

Eargo is dedicated to providing hearing solutions people not only need but want. Unlike clunky pairs that sit visibly behind the ear, their state-of-the-art hearing aids fit comfortably inside the ear and are virtually invisible. What’s more, they don’t plug up the ear canal like traditional hearing aids – their design lets air and natural sound through!

One of the most common complaints from hearing aid users is that the batteries just don’t cut it. And replacing them isn’t cheap! Eargo’s models, on the other hand, are all rechargeable and come with a portable charging case!

But the extras don’t end there. In addition to this award-winning technology, Eargo customers also get personalized settings via the company’s mobile app and lifetime support from licensed hearing professionals. Eargo even offers free hearing checks and sample kits to ensure the perfect fit and feel before you buy. The best part? You can do it all from the comfort of your home!

You’re probably thinking this all sounds pricey, right? But starting at $1,850 a pair, Eargo’s products are actually half the cost of traditional hearing aids!

Even better, federal employees may be able to get a pair at no cost through their Federal Employee Health Benefits. Talk about affordable! And now through December 1, you can get Eargo’s top-of-the-line Neo Hifi for $500 off!

What a stylish and comfy solution! As Eargo puts it, everyone deserves to “hear life to the fullest!” And they’re doing just that by helping people feel confident in their own skin – and hearing aids.

To see how Eargo feels in your ears, request a free fit-and-feel sample kit here. And if you’re a Federal Employee, you may be able to get Eargo hearing aids for free. Visit here for more details!

This article is sponsored by our good friends at Eargo.

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