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Eagles Coach Gets Hilariously Upstaged By His Bored Kids During Press Conference.

Nick Siriani with his kids at a press conference

Bringing your kids to work can be a hit or miss experience, no matter what you do for a living! At the end of his second season coaching the Philadelphia Eagles, Nick Sirianni was taking a well-deserved victory lap after winning the NFC Championship Game against the San Francisco 49ers. The head coach’s whole family was there to watch their team get one step closer to Super Bowl LVII. When it came time to hold a press conference to discuss the Eagle’s strategy for the season, Nick let his three kids – Taylor, Jacob, and Miles – sit in.

As Nick discusses taking the season one challenge at a time, his children start to noticeably wilt on the vine. Daughter Taylor starts sassily mouthing along with her dad as he speaks, and her brothers start to fidget. Jacob slouches, placing his face heavily into his hands and periodically sighing dramatically. These kids are bored to tears!

When he could no longer ignore their antics, the coach finally turned to his daughter and told her to stop.

We love her “who, me?” routine!

Don’t worry; the day wasn’t all filled with boring grown-up stuff! Sirianni’s kids also got to do something most kids never get to do: make snow angels in the confetti on Lincoln Financial Field!

We can see why this video went viral; every parent in the world can relate! Great job keeping the kids in line, coach.

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