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Students Pitch In To Buy Struggling Teen New Clothes After His Mom Passed Away.

Getting through high school is tough enough without having problems at home.

For Dylan Guilmette of Idaho, times have been especially hard. Since his mom passed away two years ago, his family has struggled to stay afloat, so they don’t have much to spend on new clothes. After awhile, his classmates noticed he was wearing the same outfits at school, so they decided to do something special for his birthday in February!

surprise birthday gifts

Porter Harris recorded the sweet moment when he and some other students at Thunder Ridge High School presented Dylan with an Adidas backpack.

When the birthday boy opened it, he found that it was stuffed full of new clothes, shoes, and even sports gear – which his classmates had pitched in to buy!

surprise birthday gifts

While the teen doesn’t say much as he pulls out item after item, his smile tells us exactly what this act of kindness means to him.

One viewer’s observation on Instagram spells it out perfectly: “The person saying, ‘I got you bro’ at the end is the best part because it means he has a person. Someone that loves him. We all need at least one person to get through this life.”


Fortunately, this teen has more than one! While things have been difficult for him, he has plenty of loving people in his corner.

“We truly have some amazing students that take care of each other,” their school wrote on Facebook.

thunder ridge high students

What a powerful way to look out for a fellow student and show him he’s not alone! He’ll never forget the kindness shown to him.

Watch as these students make Dylan’s birthday in the video below, and share this story to brighten someone’s day.

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