Duo Creates A Storm On X Factor Stage. Their Ingenious Performance Earns Judge’s Golden Buzzer!

What happens when dance, light, and water come together? According to America’s Got Talent judge Howard Stern, the result is a “Golden Buzzer” performance!

The audition starts out with two dancers– 20 year old Olga and 28 years old Jalen– introducing themselves as “Freckled Sky.” Howard Stern is quickly skeptical of another dancing duo. “We’re looking for something so special that we’ve never seen before.” he says to them. “I’m wondering if its you.” The second Freckled Sky’s audition begins, Stern’s question is immediately answered. They are certainly one-of-a-kind!

Freckled Sky uses lighting effects projected on a real rain curtain to create a storm behind Olga and Jalen. The two dance in and out of the rain curtain, blending their physical bodies with the digital images created by the lights. At times, Olga and Jalen’s bodies disappear behind the rain curtain and it becomes nearly impossible to tell what is dancer and what is projection. It’s stunning.

The stage is covered in water by the end! Howard Stern calls the audition spectacular and asks to meet the director, a man standing in the wings named Val.

“I was my dream to create something special.” says Val. “To see smiles on faces in the audience.”

“Well you certainly put smiles on our faces today.” says Stern. “I was so moved by this piece that I want to express to you how much your beautiful artistry moved me. So I’m going to do something special.” That’s when Stern gives Freckled Sky the Golden Buzzer. Check out the incredible audition below!

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