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Cafe Customer’s Unique Purchase Sparks Chain Of Kindness Toward Protesters.

Over the weekend, protesters marched down the streets of Dallas, Texas, rallying together to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

While not everyone joined in, people found countless ways to support each other. Some gestures were smaller than others, but none of them were any less meaningful. At the Dulcet Cafe & Bakery in Trinity Groves, for example, one customer’s good deed set off a chain reaction of kindness!

dulcet cafe and bakery

On June 7, a man named Brian walked into the cafe and asked to make a unique purchase. He wanted to buy a gift card so protesters who needed a drink could come inside and get one.

“I don’t think he realized that he was going to start this chain where everyone for like the next seven hours would be getting something free,” employee Grey Sharpe said.

When other customers saw what he had done, they were quick to join in! Some paid for the orders behind them, while others bought pastries for homeless people outside. Ultimately, about 50 individuals chipped in, donating hundreds of dollars to complete strangers!


“We’ve been focusing on, maybe a little bit, on how horrible everything has been, and it’s nice to remember that, yes, for every horrible person there’s a lot of good,” Grey added. “When everyone does things like that, you do move mountains.”


What a powerful way to spread love and kindness during this difficult time! While these gestures might have been small, they are a poignant reminder that we are not alone. Let’s all keep this moment in mind as we look for ways to help and support our fellow human beings.

Learn more about the Dallas community’s collective act of kindness in the video below, and share this story to encourage more people to reach out to their neighbors.

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