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Dreams Do Come True — Literally! Lost Cat Returns Exactly The Way Her Mom Predicted.

cat returns home

Losing a pet is an undeniably terrifying experience for any pet owner. The anxiety and distress is overpowering while you hope for their safe return. It’s a gut-wrenching feeling that no one should have to endure. This is the incredible story of how one lost cat found her way back home in just the way her owner dreamed… Literally! 

lost cat returns home

Pennsylvania natives Emily and Tyler Alba experienced every pet owner’s worst nightmare when their eight-year-old cat, Chloe, went missing. Despite their best efforts at searching for their beloved kitty, seven days had passed with no sign of her. 

As any pet owner would, Emily found herself dreaming of the moment she would be reunited with her beloved Chloe. In fact, she had a vivid dream that Chloe had finally returned home. 

In her dream, she saw Tyler, wearing his signature green shorts, welcoming Chloe back with open arms. It was a moment of pure joy and relief. Emily woke up with renewed hope in her heart and a glimmer of belief that her dream could become a reality, even stating in her Tiktok post, “I refused to stop looking for her because I had a dream of my husband calling her home and her running up to us.”

cat returns home

They didn’t have to wait long to see Emily’s dream come to fruition. One day they looked up from their porch and standing before them was Chloe. Emily looked at Tyler, exclaiming that he was wearing the same shorts as in her dream. 

It was a moment of sheer disbelief and overwhelming joy. Chloe, in true cat fashion, seemed unfazed by her adventure. She meowed and rubbed against Emily’s legs, as if to say, “I’m home.” 

owners and lost cat

You can see the tears of happiness streaming down Emily’s face as she scooped Chloe up into her arms. 

Chloe’s incredible journey serves as a testament to the power of hope and the incredible bond between humans and their pets. It’s a reminder that even in the face of adversity, miracles can happen. So, if you find yourself in the heartbreaking situation of a lost pet, remember Chloe’s story and never give up hope. Hold onto the belief that, against all odds, your beloved companion may find their way back home, just like Chloe did.

You can see Chloe’s triumphant return below:


my cat of 8 years was missing for 7 days with no sightings. I refused to stop looking for her because I had a dream of my husband calling her home and her running up to us. well dreams do come true because this is exactly how I invisioned it! ❤️ #missingpet #lostcat #foundpet #foundcat #catsoftiktok #cat #comehome #dream #manifestation #manifest #fyp

♬ Golden Hour: Piano Version – Andy Morris

Don’t forget though, better safe than sorry is always a good motto to stick with! So always remember to microchip your pets in case they become lost and take precautions to ensure they cannot wander or escape your yard! 

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