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Doorbell Camera Captures A Couple’s First Kiss & It’s Too Cute

A couple looking at each other before they kiss.

Thanks to a doorbell security camera, this couple’s first kiss was captured on video. Now, they can look back on this special moment whenever they want! Kayla Gardner shared this romantic footage on social media, and it completely melted our hearts. We’re pretty sure it will melt yours, too!

In the clip, Kayla and her partner returned from their very first date and shared a sweet goodbye on the young woman’s front steps. She explained in the overlaid text that, even at this early stage in their relationship, they’d experienced a number of obstacles.

“We had matched on Hinge and for a month straight… we could never get our schedules to align but we kept at it,” she wrote. “The first time we met, he also met 12 of my friends at once.”

Kayla also revealed that she was too shy to kiss him after their successful first date. After giving her a tiny smooch on the hand and bidding her farewell, it seemed like her partner wasn’t ready to lock lips, either. However, he’d only taken a few steps toward his car when he suddenly came running back. That’s when the couple’s very first kiss was captured on the doorbell camera!


the run back to me after working up the nerve to kiss me >>> 😭

♬ Belong Together (Sped Up) – Mark Ambor

It’s pretty rare for an intimate moment like this to end up on film, and commenters were distinctly aware of their privilege in getting to share it.

“Who needs Bridgerton when THIS VIDEO EXISTS GAH IM SCREAMINGGGG,” wrote one user.

Another added, “Did I just watch two people fall in love??? This is precious.”

If you’re wondering how this couple’s romance played out after their first kiss, we have good news for you. It looks like their love is still going strong!

We’re wishing Kayla and Dalton many more years of happiness together. This couple’s adorable first kiss sure got their relationship off to a very memorable start!

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