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“Don’t Say Goodbye!” 94 And 90-Yr-Old Sisters Share A Tearful Reunion That May Be Their Last.

Barbara Carolan and Shirley smiling and holding hands as they wait for an elevator the day they reunited in 2023.

No matter how much time passes, the ones we love are always with us in our hearts. This is something 94-year-old Barbara Carolan and her 90-year-old sister, Shirley, understand perfectly. Even though Barbara lives in New Hampshire and Shirley lives in Nevada, they couldn’t be closer. But when the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020, suddenly, the two of them weren’t able to visit each other.

Finally, in 2023, Barbara decided it was finally time to visit her little sister. As much as this moment was a celebration, she wasn’t afraid to acknowledge the fact that it very well may have been the last time they will ever see each other. While this thought is sad, it allowed the sisters to have a beautiful conversation that, as people have shared in the comments, is one that so many would have loved to have with their own loved ones.

Framed photo of a young Barbara Carolan and Shirley sitting at a restaurant table with two men. Everyone is smiling.

Stephanie Shively, Barbara’s granddaughter who came with her for the visit, captured the moment the two of them had this emotional conversation. In it, they reminisced on what great lives they have had and that, even if this is their last time to see each other on earth, they’re certain they’ll see each other again.

“Don’t say goodbye!” Shirley said.

“I’m not going to,” Barbara replied. “There’s no way I’m going to say goodbye to you.”

Barbara Carolan and Shirley, middle-age, smiling as they pose for a photo together.

“Until we meet again,” Shirley added.

Since sharing the video on TikTok, something she did for other family members to see, it has garnered nearly 13 million views in just two days. Both sisters are in absolute awe over the way people have responded.

Barbara Carolan and Shirley smiling and holding hands as they wait for an elevator the day they reunited in 2023.

This bittersweet moment is not only showcasing the pure love between these siblings, but it’s also reminding others of the importance of reaching out to the people they love.

“What if this was your last time to see your loved one?” Stephanie asked. “Are you telling them the things that you want to tell them or you’re saying the things that you want to say? Because if you’re not, you may not get a chance again.”

Watch Barbara and Shirley’s tearjerking conversation in the video below.

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