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Dolphin Delight: El Niño Ushers Unexpected Guests To The Northern California Coast.

dolphins leaping

When waters warm up, these adorable mammals come out to play!

An El Niño event recently occurred in Northern California. To keep it simple, this means the waters are warmer than normal. The heat in the bay makes it possible for species to come visit the waters that are normally too chilly!

Common dolphins have been stopping by Monterey Bay in Northern California in massive groups. On August 27, a crew of 3,000 dolphins rolled up to the scene!

The dolphins are super playful.

“We got to watch them chasing squid, bow-riding, and leaping high out of the water in our wake!” posted the Monterey Bay Whale Watch on Facebook just yesterday.

Humpback whales join the dolphins in the Bay to splash around. All the species are enjoying the toasty water, making a fantastic display for onlookers.

“The humpback whales have also been incredibly active as well, breaching almost every day and feeding!” shared the Monterey Bay Whale Watch group.

There are a few different subspecies and ages visible in the Bay right now. Common dolphins can be long-beaked or short-beaked, for example! There are also dolphin and whale calves splashing around in the water, near the company of their mothers.

It’s an amazing sight to see. El Niño events are natural and occur on a regular cycle, making it a beautiful gift that these species can be enjoyed by so many. Keep an eye on Monterey Bay Whale Watch’s Facebook page or, hey! Make a trek to Northern California to see the phenomenal display of nature.

Check out the video of these amazing animals in action below:

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