Dollie Trent Franklin County Sheriffs Office
“What Are You Going To Do?!” Feisty 96-Yr-Old De...

“What Are You Going To Do?!” Feisty 96-Yr-Old Demands To Speak To Sheriff For Cutest Reason.

Dollie Trent Franklin County Sheriffs Office

Every day, law enforcement agents perform small acts of service in their communities that often go unnoticed.

Dallas Baldwin is the sheriff of Franklin County Sheriff’s Office in Ohio. When an older resident called in demanding to speak with a deputy’s supervisor, he feared the worst.

As it turns out, 96-year-old Dollie Trent was not calling to complain. She was calling because Deputy Kevin Lovett had gone out of his way to help her out of a jam, and she was determined to shine a light of recognition on his good deed!

“The 96-year old was recently driving (no, that number isn’t a typo and yes, she was driving) when she got a flat tire,” the sheriff’s office wrote on Facebook.

Dollie told the sheriff that Kevin went above and beyond to assist her on the roadside. “He laid flat on the ground with his whole body to look under my car for damage, and my car is LOW!” she explained. “God sent me an angel! What are you going to do for him?!?!”

Dollie Trent and Franklin County Sheriff's Office

The sheriff must have been tickled by her insistence, because he and Chief Deputy Jim Gilbert responded by visiting Dollie at her residence to present her with a Sheriff’s Coin.

When they arrived, Dollie even had a gift basket ready to give her “angel.” The officers were grateful that someone not only noticed their kindness, but that she also went above and beyond to acknowledge it publicly.

“Truth be told, deputies frequently go out of their way to perform random acts of kindness, but Dollie refused to let this one go unnoticed,” they wrote. “Dollie, thank YOU for humbling us with your gratitude and feisty spirit.”

What a great reminder of how our heroes work behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly every day — and of how much it means to show gratitude for their efforts. A little sure goes a long way!

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