20 Hilarious Dogs Who Can’t Stop Jumping Into Leaf Piles

husky jumping into leaf pile

Autumn might be the greatest season ever. Nature is especially gorgeous as the leaves change, and there are so many fun activities that are exclusive to fall weather. But there’s only one thing that perfectly incorporates both the beauty of leaves falling and the fun of autumn activities… jumping in leaf piles!


But as much as we may enjoy cannon-balling into a big, fluffy pile of leaves, there’s no one who loves it more than dogs! In the list below, we found the best tweets, vines, gifs, and pictures of dogs enjoying the season by playing in leaf piles. They may get leaves all over the yard, and they may come out of the piles a little messier than before… but it’s so worth it to see their joyful faces!

Check it out:

1. He looks cozy in there…

2. That’s a deep pile!

3. *sticks face in leaves*

4. “Leaf Pile”

Screenshot (868)
Screenshot (869)


5. Slow-mo + leaves = adorable

6. Pure bliss…

7. Doggy heaven!

8. Dog? Or supermodel?

Screenshot (866) Twitter Screenshot (867)


9. King of the hill.


10. Enjoy the small things…


11. When he throws his whole body in there!


12. It’s a puppy!


13. Don’t come between this pug and his leaf piles.


14. Typical fall photo shoot in the leaves…


15. The floppy ears!


16. Peek-a-Boo!


17. Playtime is even better in fall…


18. An annual tradition!


19. So helpful!


20. Surprise!

Bonus. He couldn’t be happier!

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