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Dog Learns To Say “I Love You” In Precious Video.

A woman teaches her dog to say, "I love you."

Move over, parrots — this dog learned to mimic her owner saying, “I love you,” and it’s the cutest thing ever! An adorable video shows how dog mom Bridget Bigelow said the phrase to her pooch, Sadie, loudly and slowly until she actually repeated it back to her. The pup looked so surprised when everyone else in the room started cheering excitedly! We’re hoping Sadie got plenty of treats after such an incredible trick.

You might be wondering, “Did this dog really learn to say ‘I love you,’ or was it just a one-time coincidence?” However, Sadie was caught repeating this phrase on more than one occasion! Whether or not she knows what the words mean is another story, but we’re sure she knows how happy it makes her mom when she says it.

A woman teaches her dog to say, "I love you."
Screengrab from New York Post/Instagram

Newsweek tells us that Bridget has been working on this trick with her pup for a while, but it wasn’t until this December that Sadie finally said the magic words. According to the media outlet, dogs can learn to recognize certain words or phrases when we repeat them over and over, just like Bridget repeated, “I love you.”

Some dogs don’t just pick up our language, but our vocal intonations as well. One husky even barks with an Italian accent to match their owner!

Watch the video below to hear how Sadie the dog says, “I love you.”

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