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Spoiled Dog “Argues” With Mom Over Bedtime, But His Nighttime Ritual Has Her Cracking Up!

All dog owners have had moments where we’ve wished our dogs could talk. And sometimes, we’re convinced that they can perfectly understand us! Remember the dog who could “bark softer” whenever his owner asked? It may have just been a trick, but that dog totally convinced us he could understand! How about the stubborn husky who argued with his mom when she asked him to leave the park? Someone added captions to the video and perfectly captured what that husky was trying to express!

But while no dog can speak like a human… the dog in the video below comes pretty close!

The dog’s name is Charlie, and he has a hilarious nighttime routine. Every night, Charlie argues with his mom over bed-time, but he has the greatest voice we’ve ever heard come from a dog!

At times, it sounds like Charlie is saying “bla bla bla,” much like the teachers in Charlie Brown. At other times, it sounds almost like he’s saying “I love you.” Either way, he ¬†has his family cracking up!

Listen to Charlie talk in the hilarious video below, and let us know what you think he’s trying to say.

Share¬†Charlie’s unique voice with a dog-lover to spread some laughter today!

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