Does This Trend Show That Everyone Looks Like Their Childhood Stuffed Animal? You Decide!

Young adults pose next to their childhood stuffed animals.

You’ve heard the theory that people resemble their pets, but a new trend on the internet is claiming that we all look like our childhood stuffed animals! Social media users are posing with the plushy toys they grew up with to find out if there are any similarities. For some people, the claim is surprisingly accurate! Others, however, don’t see any likeness between themselves and their old toys.


YouTuber Dunya Wais responded to a video showing several young adults comparing themselves to their childhood stuffed animals. Although many of the previous participants seemed to share traits with their plushies, Dunya wasn’t convinced. She held her own toy, a little stuffed dog with huge eyes, next to her face, but she didn’t notice any resemblance.

A young woman poses next to her childhood stuffed animal.
Screengrab from Dunya Wais/YouTube

“I don’t see it,” she said, laughing.

Commenters were impressed by the many look-alikes in the video, but one person had the most wholesome takeaway from the stuffed animal trend.

“This is so heart warming that lots of adults still have their stuffies,” they wrote.

Apparently, humans aren’t the only ones who appreciate a plushy toy that looks just like them. When this baby bird lost her mother, she spent the early days of her childhood cuddling with a stuffed animal that resembled her!

Do you think these people actually look like their favorite stuffies? Watch the video below to see the stuffed animal trend in action!

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