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You’ve Been Carrying Your Car Seat Wrong, But Doctor Mom Reveals How To Fix It.

Anyone who has ever tried to carry a car seat from point A to point B knows it’s no simple task. Car seats are big, heavy (especially when there’s a sleeping baby inside), and awkward.

You make it work by either looping your arm under the handle or resting the car seat on your hip, but often times you wind up with sore muscles and even bruises.


As a mom, Dr. Emily Puente of Bridge Family Chiropractic in Mansfield, Texas knows this struggle firsthand. As a chiropractor, she also knows that the aforementioned methods of hauling car seats wreak havoc on your body. They throw your spine out of alignment and can be damaging to your back, shoulder, and hips long-term.

That’s why Dr. Puente decided to make the video below, sharing a tip that was passed down to her. She simply loops her hand through the side of the car seat, flips her wrist over, and voila!


The demonstration is actually pretty mind-blowing.

She does explain in the post’s caption that this won’t work with every car seat out there, but it may just make all the difference for you!

Check out the video below, and share! Your back will thank you.

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