Do Not Adjust Your Screens! That Really Is A Surfing Duck — And He’s A Whole Vibe.

Kate Miller holding Duck, Duck sitting on surfboard while Kate and son surf

We’ve seen plenty of surfing animals before, from squirrels to dogs and even cats – but a duck?

If you’ve ever visited Rainbow Bay in Australia, you’ve likely made the acquaintance of their local surfing duck, whose name is… Duck. Duck belongs to Kate Miller, who visits the beach every day. Duck loves surfing right alongside his humans, and he’s become a bit of a local celebrity.

Duck is also becoming well known online as well, thanks to his own Instagram page and a video made by “animal whisperer” Allan Daxon. In the video, Allan introduces his followers to Duck, chats with Kate, and encourages viewers to add Duck’s annual Christmas party to their bucket lists.

“Hide your girlfriend, @rainbowbayduck‘s got skills,” he captioned the video.

Kate told Allan that her family started keeping ducks as pets about 40 years ago, after the authorities banned dogs from the beach. Since they couldn’t bring their beloved pups to the shore anymore, they adopted ducks and brought them instead.

“Ducks are a long-term commitment, if you want to have one you have to have enough space,” she explained. “It’s not fair to have them in an apartment or put nappies on them. It’s just cruel, they’re not made for that. They need access to dirt and grubs and worms.”

Kate went on to say that she surfs twice a day, every day, and that Duck is almost always by her side. Everyone at the beach loves watching him ride the waves, and he’s immensely popular with the locals. In fact, he’s such a big draw that he throws a Christmas party every year called “Surfing Santas and Inflatable Toys.” People come to swim, surf, ride around on inflatables, and generally just hang 10 with Duck.

“He lives a good duck life,” said Kate.

We need an invitation to this party! Something tells us life is just a bit more fun in Rainbow Bay, and we’re into their whole vibe. Anywhere that has surfing ducks is okay by us.

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