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DNA Test Reunites Dad With The Daughter He Never Knew He Had 64 Yrs Later

A dad and his adult daughter hold hands as they walk. She smiles wide, wearing a shirt that reads "I 'heart' my dad"

Sometimes, dreams really do come true. Since Jennette was a child, she’s been determined to one day meet her biological father. But making that moment a reality hasn’t been easy. Then, in 2018, she took an Ancestry DNA test. This led her to the name she had been looing for all these years: David Jones. While Jennette lives in Germany, he lives in North Carolina. Still, that didn’t deter her from reaching out.

That said, Jennette was still nervous. She didn’t know anything about her biological dad, after all — meeting him could be disappointing. But she took the chance anyway, giving both David and the rest of his family the shock of a lifetime. Despite any initial shock they may have felt, however, they were quick to welcome Jennette into the family with open arms! In fact, when this dad officially reunites with his daughter, the two couldn’t be happier.

David and Jennette smile as they sit next to each other on a couch

The reason Jennette reaching out was so shocking is that David didn’t even know she existed. From his perspective, he only had the sons he raised in North Carolina. But now, he has a daughter. Plus, his sons have a sister!

But how did David not know about Jennette? Turns out, David met Jennette’s mom when he was stationed in Germany as a medical paratrooper. It was the late 1950’s, and the two of them spent the night together. But that was where their time together began and ended.

There’s Only Love When This Dad Reunites With the Daughter He Never Knew About

Now, after 64 years, Jennette and David are in each other’s lives. In fact, the two of them are happy to share that they talk to each other weekly on the phone. It’s amazing to see how close they’ve gotten so soon — watch them in the video below to see for yourself!

As you can imagine, this situation has brought up a variety of emotions for Jennette, David, and everyone else involved. By sharing their story, they hope to inspire others to not give up.

“Don’t ever give up on anything,” David insists. “Because it can happen. This is real, this is a reality here, that we finally got together really.”

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