“Sneaky” Pet Fox Steals Mom’s Phone While It’s Recording And Makes Break For It.

Mikayla Raines has loved foxes since she was a teenager, but it wasn’t until she visited a fur factory that her fondness turned into activism.

In 2015, she founded a nonprofit called Save A Fox in order to rescue these sick and injured animals. Now she and her coworkers do everything they can to release them into the wild or find them loving homes.


“We rescue foxes from fur farms, hoarding, abuse and neglect situations, and also take pet surrenders from people who are either in over their heads or who can no longer care for their fox,” said Merri, their rescue coordinator. “The eventual goal is to find them a permanent, loving home.”

Mikayla has adopted a few foxes into her own family! She loves them dearly, but they’ve never quite lost the mischievous streak that’s earned them the reputation of being the tricksters of the animal world!


One of Mikayla’s favorite fox pals is Dixie, a 3-year-old that was rescued after her original caretaker passed away.

While Dixie is adored, she also causes a bit of trouble. She rules over the other foxes and often steals things like hats, gloves, and food from her human companion.


Dixie’s “sticky fingers” got her in trouble recently, but thanks to an accidental video recording, Mikayla was laughing too hard to be too upset.

It all started when Mikayla decided to record herself doing yoga in the yard. As her camera rolls, we suddenly see Dixie’s furry snout grab the phone. When Mikayla protests, Dixie makes a break for it!

We can hear her panting as she runs full-tilt away from Mikayla. The scenery whizzes by, and we even catch a glimpse of Dixie’s shadow as she runs off with her new treasure.


When Mikayla finally catches up, Dixie doesn’t look the least bit guilty! In fact, if Mikayla hadn’t arrived when she did, Dixie would have buried her phone deep in a hole. It’s a good thing this silly fox is so dang cute!

Watch Dixie’s not-so-perfect crime in the video below, and don’t forget to share.

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