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23-Yr-Old Singer Hits Notes Most Stars Could Only Dream Of.

By the time you finish watching this performance, the name “Dimash”will immediately evoke images of an Italian opera singer shattering champagne flutes with the sheer power of their voice.

Dimash (Dinmukhamed Kanatuly Kudaibergen, if you want to get all technical and difficult about it) is a tenor altino singer from Kazakhstan, and his musical style of choice ranges from world and electronic to folk and pop. And how he’s able to hit those high notes is beyond comprehension.


It’s certainly been a busy year for this incredibly talented 23-year-old singer, and by the looks of things, he’s going to have a full schedule for decades to come. His rise to fame started with his appearance in January on China’s “Singer 2017”reality series. He powered through five rounds in the following months before placing second.


But what we want to know is how did those overhead lights not shatter and rain down on the stage when he got to the high notes? It certainly has all the girls in the audience falling in love.

In fact, just a month earlier, he won the “Most Popular Asia Singer”in a Chinese music award competition, where he sang the 1978 ballad “SOS D’Un Terrien En Détresse.”As it turns out, French is just one of a number of languages in which he sings, which is pretty impressive considering he’s already fluent in Kazakh and Russian.


Did we forget to mention in his spare time this year, between all those appearances and competitions, he’s managed to release three singles, “Ocean Over The Time,”“Go Go Power Rangers”and “Eternal Memory,”all to critical acclaim?

You can hear the incredible range in his voice in the video below.

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