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Did You Catch This Stunning View Of Venus And The Crescent Moon? If Not, You’re In Luck!

moon and venus

Early on the morning of November 9, 2023, an unbelievably beautiful celestial event occurred: Venus and the crescent moon lit up the night sky together.

The beautiful sight was a mixture of a few different astronomical elements working together.

The moon was at about 15% lit up, due to its cycle, and Venus was right next door. Venus shone brighter on Thursday than Sirius, the brightest star in the sky!

The moon and Venus were the closest to one another on the East Coast of America, though the attraction was visible around the world. In northern areas, Venus hid behind the moon for an interval of time, as well.

If you were up and moving before dawn on Thursday, both the moon and the planet were lighting the sky. What an incredible scene!

Here’s a stunning photograph of the moon and Venus visible in Egypt, nestled behind clouds. The photograph looks like a painting!

Keeping an eye on the sky is an easy way to brighten your day. Astronomical beauties happen often. If we stay on the lookout for the beauty of the world, we will never run out of things to look at!

The featured image for this post is from X.

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