Man Serenades French Bulldog In Car, But When Dog “Sings” Back He Can’t Stop Smiling!

We’ve shared some gorgeous covers of Rihanna songs, like this 13-year-old singing “Diamonds” on Australia’s Got Talent or this soldier with an unbelievable voice singing “Stay”… but, while the singers in the video below are singing along to a cover of Rihanna’s “Diamonds,” their version is a little…Well, different.

The video starts with a man serenading his French Bulldog– Junior– in the car. He is clearly having a lot of fun singing to the dog, and no one can say he isn’t passionate, but his actual vocal skills are a little rough. Luckily, Junior is there to show him how its done, chiming in for a duet!

At first Junior is hesitant, watching his owner with those big eyes signature of French Bulldogs, but then he pipes up and blesses us with the most hilarious singing!

Junior is almost perfectly on beat! It’s sounds like he’s trying to echo his owner as Junior does some killer backup vocals, growing in volume as he sings.

His owner has trouble keeping a straight face as Junior’s “voice” continuously cracks him up. Eventually, he stops the car completely so they can sing their hearts out together.

Check out the adorable duo below.

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