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This 5-Yr-Old Can Identify Even The Most Obscure Country’s Flag Like It’s No Big Deal.

Some kids get fixated on a subject and decide to become tiny experts without any help from their parents. Devon Tornetta, a 5-year-old from North Wales, Pennsylvania, has been “obsessed” with the countries of the world and their flags lately. In fact, his dad Rich said he has memorized dozens of the national banners and can tell where they belong in moments!

To show off his skill, Rich shared a video of Devon opening a big box of flags that they ordered online. As the little boy pulled out each one, he gleefully called out its country of origin, even identifying faraway places like Guinea-Bissau and Kiribati with ease. Our minds were already blown, but when he threw in the French name for the Ivory Coast, we just about fell out of our chairs!

Watch him demonstrate his impressive memory in the video below, and don’t forget to share this story to make someone smile.

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