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Desperate Mom Tries To Pawn Family Ring, Jeweler Leaves Her In Tears With Unheard Of Act Of Kindness.

mother stunned holding cash as jeweler reaches hand out

A woman in Dallas visited a pawn shop with her two kids, expecting to sell a gold ring in exchange for some money that she desperately needed. But she got so much more than that.

The pawn shop employee, a Syrian refugee who helped the woman, is named Noah. He said that he noticed tears in her eyes, and when he asked her about the necklace, the woman explained that it had belonged to her mother. She wasn’t happy about pawning it, but she was broke and needed the money. That’s when Noah did something completely unexpected.

Noah asked the woman how much money she needed, and then he pulled the cash from his own wallet. He handed her the money, and then he handed her the ring as well. When she recovered from shock, the woman melted into tears and embraced Noah.

In the interview with CBS DFW, Noah shrugged and explained, “I didn’t think about it, I just grabbed the money. I grabbed the money and gave it to her.”

He wouldn’t allow the cameras to film his face, nor would he reveal the amount of money he gave the woman or his last name. In fact, the only reason his story is public is because he’d shared the surveillance video with one friend from home. He had no idea it would be uploaded online and go viral.

“Doesn’t matter what religion you are. It doesn’t matter where you’re from.” said Noah. “This is our humanity. Everybody should do that.”

Check out the video of this beautiful moment below.

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