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A Lifesaving Crash: Deputy Uses Own Car To Stop Wrong-Way Driver From Hitting Others.

side view of a sheriff's totaled car in adams county, colorado.

Police officers pledge “to protect and serve,” but that service sometimes requires major sacrifice.

Around 11 o’clock one spring evening, police in Adams County, Colorado received word of a car heading the wrong way on highway I-70. The car was speeding towards disaster, so they had to act fast to avoid multiple collisions. First, they stopped oncoming traffic, then they deployed methods to stop the speeding car.

It quickly became apparent that there was no stopping this wrong-way driver. With over a dozen cars stopped in the eastbound lanes, police officers feared the worst.

That’s when one brave deputy sheriff stepped in to make the ultimate sacrifice. He got in his cruiser and drove in front of the stopped traffic, directly in the path of the oncoming car.

The collision was immense, shattering glass and bending metal in an instant. Both the cruiser and the speeding car were pushed over 140-feet, coming to rest right in front of a stopped semi truck.

Amazingly, both the deputy and the driver only suffered minor injuries! What’s even more incredible is that not a single driver in the eastbound lane was injured that night.

“We are thankful that the only casualties were the vehicles involved,” Adams County Sheriffs Office wrote on Facebook. “There is no doubt that without the deputy’s quick action and bravery several vehicles would have been struck at high speeds and lives would have been lost.”

The pictures taken at the scene are eye-opening! Both cars are destroyed with air bags hanging in all of the busted windows. The collision must have been incredibly intense and, yet, this deputy didn’t hesitate to put himself in harm’s way to save the lives of strangers.

There’s no word on why the driver was going the wrong way, but the police will investigate. In any case, we are so thankful for the heroes who put their lives on the line for our safety every day.

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