Delivery Driver’s Adorably Extra Reaction To Finding Cookies Has Everyone Cracking Up.

happy delivery driver

‘Tis the season to do something kind and unexpected for someone! The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has given many people a new appreciation for delivery drivers. These workers are truly the backbone of our society, making sure food, medicine, and even those spur-of-the-moment Amazon purchases make their way onto our porches no matter what is going on in the world.


One homeowner decided to reward delivery folks by placing individually wrapped cookie packages on their porch with a note urging drivers to help themselves. Their doorbell security camera picked up the moment when one driver did just that, and the video is just plain adorable!

Delivery driver saying "I love you" with a caption that says "we left a tray of Christmas cookies our for all the hard working delivery drivers. watch till the end"

“Oh my gosh. Oh my god. Are you kidding me or have you just become the greatest house?” the driver asks as he leans down to read the sign.

“I have to take a picture. This is perfect. Oh my god. I have to take my hat off for a while while I decide what I take. This is so kind,” he continues.

As if what he said wasn’t cute enough, what he does next has us grinning! He not only takes off his cap and performs a deep, ceremonious bow to the camera, but he even clicks his heels together like something out of a Disney movie on his way back to the truck.

Who knew cookies would earn such royal treatment? Makes us want to put out some treats on our porch, too! Watch the sweet video in the player below, and don’t forget to share.

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