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Delivery Driver Nearly Jumps Out Of His Skin When Homeowner Accidentally Scares Him

Three panel image shows a delivery driver arriving, getting scared, dropping the package and running, then coming back to laugh with the homeowner that scared him.

Amazon has one of the largest networks of delivery drivers, including Amazon-employed drivers and contractors. When one contractor approached a home with a delivery, he was in a groove and approached the home with a jaunty step. As the delivery driver reached the top step, he got a scare, causing him to drop the package and utter a naughty word. The homeowner caught it all in a hilarious (albeit NSFW due to the language) video.


When you accidentally scare the shit out of your delivery driver #fyp #deliverydriver #amazon

♬ original sound – Quinn Eccles

There are millions of services delivering goods directly to our doorsteps. One driver may see hundreds of porches with hundreds of packages daily. It isn’t too surprising that this delivery driver was caught off-guard when the homeowner, Quinn Eccles, scared him. Quinn has an exceptionally large porch with a brick rail/ledge surrounding it. She was sitting on a porch swing or lounger to the side, so she wasn’t immediately visible. We don’t know the driver’s name, but at least he was a good sport!

Left image shows a delivery driver who got a scare, dropped his package and is running off the porch. Right image shows him talking to the homeowner as the two share a hearty laugh.
Image from TikTok.

After jumping, dropping the package, and running, the driver returned. Both he and Quinn were laughing uncontrollably. In between her bursts of laughter, she told him she had been recording. The poor man is holding his heart, probably willing it to stop beating so hard.

The Delivery Driver Scare Was Accidental… Or Was It?

Quinn lives in the Irvington neighborhood in Indianapolis. The neighborhood believes in Halloween and does it right, so scaring a delivery driver only seems normal. Another video on Quinn’s TikTok shows 803 trick-or-treaters coming up her walkway in 2023 to collect treats.


Irvington in Indianapolis goes all out for Halloween, even in below freezing temps #halloween #trickortreat #indy #fyp

♬ This Is Halloween – The Party Cats

For Halloween in 2022, Quinn used her large porch to entertain the neighborhood with a live singer. According to her count, they gave out candy to 1,011 trick-or-treaters before running out.

Performer EckDaddy with a Halloween show on Quinn Eccles front porch in Indianapolis.
Image from TikTok.

The delivery driver probably has no knowledge of Quinn’s prowess for scares. We’re pretty sure this one was unintentional, but with someone who apparently loves Halloween this much, will we ever really know?

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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