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Delightfully Odd Dance With “Japanese Soul” Mesmerizes The “AGT” Judges.

Japanese all girl dance group, Avantegardey, start to dance on the "America's Got Talent" stage.

The word “weird” isn’t usually used to describe something that is good, but this “America’s Got Talent” audition is an exception. Avantegardey is an all girl dance group from Osaka, Japan. Recently, however, they took a trip to the United States in order to audition for “AGT” – something that turned out to be well worth their time!

As soon as Avantegardey took to the stage, the audience could tell they were in for an interesting ride. Not only were the women wearing identical outfits, they all shared the same hairstyle and color. This theme carried on when the music began and this large group moved as if they were one unit. The fluidity of their movements is mesmerizing, and it had the audience on their feet!

“We have an original dance piece filled with Japanese soul,” one of the members said when asked what makes their dance group different from others.

After seeing their performance, the judges couldn’t have agreed more!

“I mean, you are so beyond in sync, and you really think outside the box,” Heidi Klum said. “I really feel like I saw your Japanese soul.”

“This was beyond anything I expected,” Sofía Vergara added. “It was something weird that we’ve never seen. I love you girls.”

Watch Avantegardey’s fantastically weird performance in the video below, and don’t forget to share.

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