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Grandma-To-Be Has Hilariously Delayed Reaction To Finding Out Her Daughter Is Pregnant

Left image shows a mother and daughter during a pregnancy reveal. Right image shows the new grandma caressing the daughter's not-yet-showing baby bump.

New parents always try to find terrific ways to tell their parents about a new arrival. When Makeup Artist alixjm13 wanted to tell her mom she was pregnant, things were confusing for the new Grandma. The pregnancy reveal began with an apron that said, “Magah Make Aran a grandma again, hurry.” With an adorable image of a stork carrying a swaddled baby, the message seemed obvious — except it wasn’t.

Part of the confusion stems from a recent addition to the family. At first, the new grandma thought the apron was about her son’s child, who arrived three months before this exchange. When the daughter asked again, “What does that say, Mom?” The conversation went back and forth for a bit, with the grandma not quite understanding.

Images show a new mom giving her mother an apron that says "Magah Make Aran a grandma again, hurry."
Image from TikTok.

Raising the point of her son’s newest baby, the new grandma seems oblivious to the actual news here.

Images show a new mother during a pregnancy reveal to her mom. The new grandma is confused and not quite "getting" the announcement.
Image from TikTok.

Then, Grandma has a “lightbulb moment.” She says, “OOOOOHHHHHH” before jumping backward during her joyous celebration.

Images show the exact moment when a pregnancy reveal hits home. The new grandma has expresses of surprise and joy.
Image from TikTok.

Although this isn’t the typical reaction you would expect for a pregnancy reveal, the delayed reaction was hilarious. The new mom and the new grandma were all smiles and happy tears. They shared hugs as the grandma asked, “Are you kidding me?” several times. Then she did a total grandma thing, bending down to caress the not-yet-visible baby bump.

Image shows a mother caressing the belly of her daughter right after the pregnancy reveal.
Image from TikTok.

We don’t have to know this family to understand that this newest baby will be welcomed with open arms and loving hearts. The final realization and her response afterward eclipsed the delayed reaction. She called out to Franky (the boyfriend), telling him she wanted to hug and kiss him even though he wasn’t there. Congratulations to everyone!

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