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Delaware Teen Creates Anti-Suicide Campaign, Then Receives Message For Help.

Chase Marvil, a teenager from Delaware, realized there were millions of online users who were in pain. So he set out to change their lives forever and created The Inspiring Project, whose main goal is to eliminate suicide and bullying in teens and adults.

When he first started on social media, Chase posted inspirational photos and quotes to his timeline for his followers. Soon after, the messages started to roll in.


People from all different walks of life asked for help, saying that they were sad, being bullied, or thinking about harming themselves. Chase knew right then and there that he needed to do something to make their world a brighter place.

Now anyone can contribute to his project. They can post inspirational photos, tweets or videos with a simple hashtag, #theinspiringproject. This hashtag is designed to not only inspire themselves, but also their followers and communities that see it.


During his junior and senior years of high school, Chase created a wall called “The Inspiring Wall.” Then everyone in the school (students and staff) pasted index cards with things that inspired them or a motivational quote or phrase that soon turned into a large mural in their main lobby.

It gave anyone and everyone who walked in as an everyday student or staff or a visitor, a piece of mind. There is inspiration and positivity out there.


Since 2013 when the project began, Chase’s followers have grown from 1,000 to more than 70,000. His project has reached nearly 100,000 people from at least eight different countries.

He’s received letters from all over the globe explaining how supportive of his project.


One of the biggest pieces of his project are bracelets that simply say “I Won’t Give Up.” They provide a simple reminder to those who wear them that they can get through the tough situations in their lives.


The project continues to grow and even though he is juggling college, work, and social experiences with friends, Chase truly lives out his motto: “You don’t have to be anyone in particular to create a huge impact on life.”

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