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Deaf Man Experiences Concert For The First Time & His Reaction Is Awe-Inspiring

Image shows two deaf people wearing concert vests and dancing to music they "hear" through vibrations.

Deaf and hard-of-hearing people can “hear” sound through vibrations. This usually means the person must be near the speaker or sound source. Science has taken this concept and created a vest that changes music into sound vibrations. When an ASL interpreter adds words to the music, the deaf concert vest offers a realistic “listening” experience.

This incredible technology is now being used in new ways to enhance the lives of hearing-impaired people. In real-time, the Not Impossible Vest translates all types of live music to physical vibrations on the skin. The deaf concert vest can translate the vibrations into varying pitches for a more realistic experience.

The Not Impossible Vest can translate any type of music: rock, heavy metal, jazz, and even complex orchestras. The deaf concert vest is sensitive enough to pick up and transfer subtle sounds. Deaf people can now “hear” a flute or violin solo through vibrations during a classical music piece.

The deaf concert vests can travel up to 40 miles from their base, making them perfect for festivals and large concert venues. In an interview with Classic FM, Daniel Belquer, the CVO (Chief Vibrational Officer) of Music: Not Impossible, said, “This is the world’s first-ever wireless, wearable, 24-voice, polyphonic vibration synthesizer.” The Vibrotextile™ is a wearable technology that makes the world more accessible to deaf and hard-of-hearing people.

Other products perform similarly, including the Soundshirt. The 28 sound actuators are sewn into a shirt. The shirt transmits sound through the sensors in the same manner as the deaf concert vest from Not Impossible Labs. Haptic technology advances, opening new doors for those living in a soundless world. Share this with your friends who might be experiencing any form of hearing loss.

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