8-Yr-Old Mysteriously Went Blind And Deaf, Inspires Ellen When He Defies All Odds To Play Football.

When Marvin Person was only 8-years-old he began losing both this hearing and his vision, but never let his disabilities hold him back. The now senior in High School is on the varsity football team and has an attitude so positive, that it will blow you away. It’s no surprise that Ellen Degeneres decided to invite the young man on her show to hear his story.


Marvin explained to Ellen the moment that doctors said they had no idea why, but he was losing his sight and vision. He first remembers noticing his sight deteriorating after telling a teacher he couldn’t read the words in a dictionary. It wasn’t until getting his first hearing aid that the then 8-year-old realized how bad his hearing had become.

It’s now been 8 years since Marvin completely lost both his hearing and his sight, but the trial has molded his character in the most beautiful way. A self-admitted jokester in his youth, Marvin says his disability helped him grow up and learn what’s important in life, in a way he never would have otherwise.

Ellen, in typical Ellen fashion, couldn’t send him away without a little surprise. She made Marvin’s dreams come true by setting up a college fund for him.

Check out Marvin’s incredible story below!

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