Science Meets Art In These Incredibly Intricate Kinetic Sculptures.

David C. Roy didn’t set out to be an artist.

After graduating with a degree in physics, he became a computer programmer for an insurance company. While he could come up with complicated patterns, it was his wife Marji whose artistic eye inspired him to develop his unique art form!


Marji studied sculptures at Rhode Island College of Design, where she created a piece that incorporated a wheel and pulley system.

Fascinated by her work, David realized his ideas could become beautiful scientific sculptures. Together, the two of them started exploring some artistic designs, and their Wood That Works business was born!


Kinetic sculptures are mechanisms that use a series of gears, pulleys, and spokes to move their wooden components for hours at a time.

The internal systems resemble a clock in many ways, but David manages to transform them into living masterpieces. Some of his sculptures can run for up to 48 hours with just a single wind of the dial!


David has designed nearly 7,000 works of kinetic art over his 40-year career and has earned many awards. Not to mention, he’s made his living as an artist — something he never thought he’d do!

“It’s because of the problems. I like to solve the problems,” said David, who believes his brain is simply wired to wonder how things work.


Even better, David’s designs don’t just focus on visual effects. He often uses the sound of wooden gears clicking or the shush of wood against wood to add more depth to his pieces. He’s even incorporated wind chimes and other musical elements.


This artist is proof that you never know where an inquisitive mind might lead you! David has been pursuing his passions for most of his adult life, and now his art is bringing joy to people all around the world.

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