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Internet Can’t Stop Laughing Over Little Boy Who Got Stuck In The Family Couch.

couch diver

Here’s a warning for all the would-be sofa-divers out there.

Davi is 6 years old and lives in Brazil. His aunt, Giulia Ramalho was babysitting Davi and his little sister one day when the boy lost a coin deep in the sofa cushions. He fished around inside the couch as much as he could, but his little arms weren’t quite long enough to reach the coin. So Davi did what any other courageous and enterprising young man would do: he went in after it.


Aunt Guilia says she and her mother were at home when Davi made his spelunking journey into the couch.

“I was in the bathroom and I heard some really loud screaming, and my mom called for me, laughing her *ss off. When I came into the room, you could just see his head poking out,” she explained.


Yup, that’s Davi, buried up to his neck in sofa cushions. The child was apparently a bit distressed by his predicament, but once he saw his aunt and grandmother busting up laughing, he started giggling about it himself. Soon the whole family was laughing uproariously as they attempted an emergency Davi-ectomy from the couch.


Davi struggled to extricate himself with all his might, but he was good and stuck! Finally, it was Grandma who stepped up to free her grandson, displaying an impressive amount of upper-body strength in the process.


Free at last!

Davi’s aunt couldn’t resist putting up pictures and videos of the event that had the whole family laughing, and soon everyone in Brazil was laughing, too. Thousands of “likes” and shares later, Davi is a veritable viral superstar, which is a pretty big deal for a boy who dreams of becoming a famous YouTuber some day.

Check out the couch extraction below, and be sure to share to make someone laugh today!

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