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Woman Films Herself Getting Pulled Over, Then She Recognizes Cop & Dies Laughing.

cop dad pulls daughter over

You’re driving down the road, and the next thing you know, there are blue and red lights flashing behind you. Then you realize, you’re the one being asked to pull over…

How would you feel? Nervous? Angry? Confused as to why they’re stopping you? Well for one woman, getting pulled over is practically routine. So much so, she decided to film herself as it happened.

daughter rants at dad

In a viral video titled, “These cops will pull you over for any reason,” a woman driver seemingly complains that she’s been pulled over again. Her passenger seems just as annoyed about the ordeal, but the driver rolls down her window.

Meanwhile, an officer has walked up to the driver’s side and asks to see her “license, registration, and insurance.”

cop approaches car

But here’s the kicker: He doesn’t really need any of that information as he knows exactly who the driver is…

woman says she's pulled over

The woman starts to rant, “Dad! You can’t just pull me over because you see my car on the road!”

That’s right, he’s her father!

His reaction is priceless, sighing and admitting that he just pulled her over because he wanted to see if she was okay.

dad admits he wanted to check on her

His sheepish answer causes the daughter to burst out laughing. It’s definitely a “dad” answer. Hopefully, this video will inspire him to use a less extreme method for checking on his daughter – like a phone call?

Watch the funny video below. If you’re a fan of playful cop videos, don’t forget to share this story!

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