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Daughter Discovers Late Dad’s Adorable Spreadsheet Planning His Week Off 24 Yrs Ago

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A young woman found an incredibly wholesome memento of her late dad: a spreadsheet he’d created in 2000. In it, he’d written down a list of things he wanted to do during his week off. Most of the entries were family-friendly activities like going to the park and the movies. His daughter, Martha, shared a photo of the sweet document on social media. She wasn’t expecting it to garner as much attention as it did!

“My mum discovered a spreadsheet my dad made to plan his week off work in 2000,” she wrote in her post.

Some of the items on the spreadsheet had checkmarks next to them, indicating that Dad only accomplished a few of his intended goals during his week off. For example, “Go to the park” was checked off, but seeing Stuart Little in theaters appears to have been put on the back burner. Unfortunately, it looks like potty training his daughter also didn’t happen that week! “Kiss Mum,” on the other hand, was marked twice.

Did this dad eventually tick off every item in the spreadsheet?

Commenters had a lot of questions for Martha about her dad’s spreadsheet. Unfortunately, many of them were about whether or not he’d ever gotten around to potty training his daughter. She was quick to confirm that he had!

“Finding myself defending my status as potty trained more than I’d like this Tuesday morning,” she joked in one of her responses.

Martha also shared some photos of what looks like her dad tackling some of the items on his vacation spreadsheet! Her father was pictured at the beach, at the park, and with his partner.

“He sadly died in 2015, but i can confirm he was a lovely man and amazing dad who loved the beach, the farm, the park and — of course — kissing mum,” she wrote in her caption.

It’s never easy to lose a loved one, especially a parent. We’re glad that Martha found this adorable spreadsheet to help her remember her wonderful dad!

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