Jogger Plunges Into Frozen Pond To Rescue Drowning Dog.

It was just another run in the park for Darcy Pell when he spotted something unusual in North Yorkshire, England.

A small group of people had gathered by the side of Pontefract pond and were pointing at a black dog who had fallen through the thin ice into the freezing water.

Darcy, who has experience with cold water swimming, realized the poor pup was too far from land and had little hope of getting back to shore. So he decided on the spot to help, plunging into the icy pool and making his way to the terrified animal by breaking through the thin ice with his hands as he went.

When he reached the dog, he helped the precious little one swim to shore through the path he’d made in the ice. Once they were close enough, the grateful bystanders pulled both the sodden dog and Darcy onto dry land.

Paula Town was one of the people who witnessed the scene. She recorded Darcy’s rescue mission on her phone and later uploaded it to Facebook, writing, “What a hero, this complete stranger rescued this family’s dog when it got into trouble in Pontefract Park.”

“When we got to the lake, I could see a dog in the water, it was trying to get onto the ice but kept falling back in,” Paula said later. “I felt panic-stricken and scoured the side of the lake for a life buoy but couldn’t find one. Luckily that guy came along, he lowered himself into the water, and the rest is on the video.”

As for Darcy, he insists he’s nothing special. “Not a hero, just saw a dog in need,” he wrote on Facebook. “Luckily swim in cold/icy water as a hobby and know the risks it can cause. Carried on my run after so no big deal. Was given a jacket by my run buddy. Obviously wouldn’t recommend people doing the same.”

Darcy said his cold water training helped him understand his limits, so he knew he would be able to help the struggling pup. Thank goodness he was there when this family needed him!

Watch the chilly rescue in the video below, and don’t forget to share this story to make someone smile.

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