Mom Takes To Instagram To Share Her $5 Halloween Costume Tricks.

It’s not exactly fun to drop a lot of money on a generic store-bought Halloween costume that your kid only wears once or twice. So, if you’re hoping to get your kiddo something a little more unique or want to save some cash, you should follow Danielle Bevens on Instagram.


Every year, Danielle posts pictures of her sons, Noah and Toby, dressed in her own DIY creations, most of which cost her around $5 to make. With some old boxes, yarn, hot glue, and a little imagination, Danielle comes up with some of the coolest costumes (and toys) you’ve ever seen. Here are 13 of her brilliant, affordable designs.

1. A vending machine made from an old box, tin foil, and some candy wrappers.

2. The cutest (and easiest) little Rubik’s cube you’ve ever seen.

3. An adorable Starbuck’s cup, which is extra funny considering kids are probably the number one reason adults need caffeine.

4. A Happy Meal box – which Danielle is modeling because Noah was absolutely not “lovin’ it” that day.

5. A sloth costume made out of yarn, complete with cardboard claws.

6. The dragon and princess from the book, The Paper Bag Princess.

7. A teeny tiny avocado that just begs for raspberries.

8. Paddington with a cardboard box briefcase, thrift store clothes, and twine and cardboard coat buttons.

9. A walking ball of salad made from tissue paper, cardboard, balloons, and construction paper.

10. ‘World’s Strongest Baby’, which also happens to rank pretty high on the list of world’s cutest babies.

12. A ripped T-shirt and cardboard ears can transport any kid into the world of Dobby the Elf.

13. This adorable prickly porcupine can be made with hot glue and a pillowcase.

How cute are these costumes?! Follow Danielle on Instagram to see more amazing DIY costumes and toys for your kids. Be sure to also share this story with your friends who love a good crafting project!

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