Musical Parody About Fighting In A Grocery Store Sparks Hilarious Chain Of Duets.

TikTok has opened up a world of possibilities when it comes to creative content, including hilarious collaborations between strangers.

The platform’s duet feature gives people who have never met an option to perform together on a split screen or add to each other’s videos. That’s how one man’s solo parody turned into a full-blown musical production!

It all started when Daniel Mertzlufft decided it would be funny to record a modern musical number in a grocery store. His amusing, relatable lyrics speak to everyone who has disagreed while shopping.

“And we’re fighting in a grocery store and I love you but I don’t know if I like you anymore/We’re standing right in aisle nine and you promised that everything was fine still.”

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It only gets better in act two! Megan Gilbreath came across Daniel’s clip and joined the cast as the heartbroken mom on the other end of the argument.

Next came Kelsey Jade Bacon, who jumped in to play the role of the duo’s child caught in the middle.

A grocery store employee appeared then to wrap up the song with an important reminder: “We close at nine.”

The absurdity only snowballs from there! The musical goes on to feature breakout performances from a can of soup…

…”the squeaky wheel on the shopping cart”…

…”the automatic door with the too loud bell”…

…”the random voice that comes over the speaker”…

…and perhaps the most iconic role of all: “the water sprayers that always mist you when you’re reaching for kale.”

Someone shared the entire sequence in a Twitter thread, and the post quickly went viral! Thousands couldn’t help laughing and singing along, prompting one fan to ask the question on everyone’s mind: “Where are their Tonys…. Please ASAP.”

What a clever way to bring smiles to so many faces! It looks like we have a new classic on our hands!

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