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How Did We Live This Long Without Knowing About Dandelion Horns?

Just when we honestly thought we knew everything there was to know about dandelions….

As it turns out, we seem to have missed a rather crucial childhood hack somewhere along the way. We all know dandelions as one of the first signs of spring. While they’re technically weeds, there’s no denying that a field full of these cheerful yellow blooms look beautiful and provide our sunshine-starved souls with a much-needed pick-me-up each spring.


As kids, we all probably spent some time weaving their colorful stalks into dandelion crowns. Once they pass their prime, who hasn’t made a wish by blowing the fluffy white tops into a passing breeze?


Now, thanks to a video posted by¬†Marva Lee Weigelt, we can’t wait for spring to finally arrive so that we can give her “folk wisdom” trick a try.

Marva, an¬†alternative and holistic health worker from Newton, Kansas, recorded a “public service announcement” so that the dandelion horn would stay alive, well beyond her own lifespan.


What’s a dandelion horn? As Marva demonstrates in her video, a dandelion’s stem can be used to make a rather loud horn sound. Who knew??


After you remove the flower head and root, the stem of this flower is hollow. When you blow through it, it makes a much louder sound than we ever would have thought.

If you’re wondering how you never knew this, you’re not alone! Marva was astonished when her video, which she originally uploaded it years ago, went viral after she shared it again in 2018. To date, the video has been viewed a whopping 11 million times, and the view count is still going up!


Marva reacted to her video going viral on Facebook:

“When I first posted the short PSA a couple years ago, I was surprised it garnered over 9,000 views. When it popped up in my Facebook memories Friday (showing about 13,000 views), I thought nothing of reposting it for fun.

Many of the comments echo our sentiment that we can’t believe we didn’t know about this trick. Others are eager to share other uses for the plant, from dandelion wine to a tea that’s said to reduce cancer growth. Mostly, everyone is grateful to Marva for passing along this fun tip for kids to use this spring!


One thing is for sure, Marva has inspired a new appreciation for the lowly dandelion!

“The notion that stands out most dramatically for me is that Facebook makes visible something that is happening all the time in the ways we touch and influence one another. Our ideas, our traditions, our love and our beings ripple out through the universe in millions of unseen ways.”

Watch Marva’s dandelion horn hack in action, below, and be sure to share this fun “PSA” with others!”

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