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Daily Dose of Nostalgia: Jack Black’s Hilarious Britney Spears Cover Has The Internet Abuzz

Jack Black clenches his fist as he looks up and passionately sings. Kyle Gass stands behind him, hands raised in the air, as he sings along.

If there’s one thing we know about Jack Black, it’s that we can never really know what he’s going to do next. From staring in iconic movies to rocking out on stage, he’s got a long list of talents up his sleeve. One of his long-time creative endeavors includes Tenacious D. This comedy rock duo includes both Black and Kyle Gass. Although they mainly create original songs, every once in a while, you might catch them belting out a familiar tune.

In this case, that tune is Britney Spears’ Baby One More Time — with a Jack Black twist, of course! A short clip of their rendition can be found on Black’s TikTok account, and it’s just as amazing as you’re imagining.

Jack Black Gives Baby One More Time by Britney Spears a Comedic Rock Twist


Tenacious B! 🐼

♬ original sound – Jack Black

Rather than imitating the synth-pop sounds of the original, Black’s cover uses the kind of rock sound you’d expect from Tenacious D. Plus, Black makes sure to include some of his signature moves — because how can you not dance to this version?

The fact that their version is genuinely good is amazing enough, but this duo also adds some comedy into the mix. Just in time with the lyrics, “hit me baby one more time,” Black holds up his fist as if he’s about to punch someone. On his knuckles are letters that spell the word “baby.”

Close up of Jack Black making an intense face as he holds up a fist. On his knuckles are letters that spell the word "baby."

“I would love an album that’s just Jack Black covering early 2000 white girl music,” one fan writes in the comments.

“Forget my golden years,” another person shares, “I can’t wait until I reach my Jack black era.”

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