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Daycare Assigns Homework To Dad, But They Weren’t Expecting This Response!

a portion of a form with information about a baby named Emma

Daycares always want to get to know all the children who are enrolled in their program. And who better to tell them about the kids than their parents, right? But one dad just couldn’t take it seriously when his 11-month-old daughter’s daycare sent an “All about me” questionnaire home. So he decided to have a little fun with the assignment.

The worksheet asked that parents fill in responses to prompts such as “My goals are…” and “My strengths are…” This dad thought the idea of an 11-month-old baby having goals or strengths was hilarious, so he filled in some answers that would make the daycare workers laugh. “My goals are: open every drawer everywhere…to walk, eventually,” and, “My interests are: exploring parents’ noses with fingers.”

In a world of so many serious problems and solemn people, it’s hard not to appreciate this guy’s humor! Hopefully the teachers at the daycare enjoyed the message as much as we did. At the very least, we’re sure it was the most interesting response they received!

See 11-month-old Emma’s worksheet – originally uploaded to Reddit by a friend of this sassy dad – below!


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