Birthday Girl Begs Dad To Wear Mermaid Costume And The Photo Shoot Is Priceless.

Some dads will do just about anything to make their kids happy, even if that means looking incredibly silly from time to time.

Desirae Deal, a professional photographer in Lamar, Arkansas, specializes in creative children’s portraits and fine art photography. When a family hired her to take pictures on their daughter’s 8th birthday, she was not prepared for how hard she’d be laughing that day.

Desirae Deal Photography

One look at the adorable series of photos will tell you why they were all in stitches that day! Desirae says the little girl was adamant that her dad join in on the photo shoot, and since her dad is a confident guy who knows how to rock a mermaid costume, he suited up and joined in the fun.

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Desirae Deal Photography

I had the honor of doing a mermaid session for this sweet girl’s 8th birthday, and all she wanted was for her Dad to join in on the fun,” Desirae wrote on Facebook. “Let me tell you he did NOT disappoint! The laughs, the joy, and the memories they created were the absolute best gift he could’ve gave her.”

Desirae Deal Photography

“I have no doubt that this story, this priceless memory, will be talked about and cherished for generations to come,” she continued. “Take the pictures. Play with them every chance you get, for they are only little for so long.”

We could not agree more. Just look at the smiles on these happy faces! This little girl will cherish these quirky pics of her hilarious dad forever.

Desirae Deal Photography

What a great dad! He’s not afraid of looking a little silly if it means making his daughter smile on her birthday. We should all be this confident!

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