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Dad Who Didn’t Want A Cat Becomes Devoted To Not 1, But 2 Roost-Ruling Felines.

two-photo collage. on the left there is a picture of dad cooking and saying he doesn't want a cat. on the right there is a picture of this same dad holding and loving a little white cat.

Why is it that some dads insist they don’t want pets, only to have their hearts completely stolen by a new cat or dog?

Why fight it, guys? We love animals. You love animals. Let’s all just embrace it! Take the case of 60-year-old Kamaljeet Singh Renoo, A.K.A. Raj, who insisted he didn’t want a cat, but his son, Shaan Renoo, would not stop asking.

Shaan lives with his parents in London, England. For years he pestered his parents about getting a cat, only to be rebuffed time and again by his surly father.

“You’re not having a cat in this house,” Raj insisted every time the question came up.

Shaan says his dad’s aversion to all things feline stems from his upbringing.

“He says he hated cats from day one,” Shaan explained. “We have Indian heritage but he grew up in Kenya, he actually grew up in a jungle. He liked wildcats but not housecats, and would avoid going into people houses that had cats to not get scratched.”

Yet when Shaan and his mother conspired to adopt a white British shorthaired cat named Angie, it didn’t take long for Raj to change his tune!


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“After months of pestering my mum for a cat, she gave in,” said Shaan. “We didn’t tell my dad we were getting a cat until it arrived. On the day we got the cat, he walked into the room, and I swear on my mum’s life, he was so starstruck. I could see he wanted to smile but he didn’t break a smile.”

About a week later, Shaan came home to find his father playing with Angie and talking to her in baby-talk! Not only that, but the feeling was mutual. Angie now only wants to be with her grandpa.

“I tried to call her to come to me but she stayed with him,” Shaan admitted.


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Shaan says Angie has really brought out his father’s tender side.

“My dad is normally a quiet, moody dad figure around the house,” he said, adding that eventually “he lightens up a bit and becomes the joker. So he’s got two sides to him.”

These days, Shaan’s popular TikTok page is full of videos proving that Angie has Raj wrapped around her little paw. In one video, he tells his “pussycato” that he’ll even play “I’ll Always Love You” by Whitney Houston for her every day. He talks to her like she’s a legitimate human being, and he’ll even share his fried chicken dinner with her!

After the success of adding Angie to their household, Shaan decided to really push his luck. He started pushing for a second cat, and as you can imagine, Raj wanted nothing to do with the idea.

Once again, Shaan went ahead and got a cat, Tommy, to join Angie and the family. “Send it back,” Raj says grumpily when Shaan shows up with the cat carrier.


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Spoiler alert: Raj fell in love with Tommy, too! Shaan’s TikTok now has 1.7 followers, and his videos featuring Angie, Tommy, and Raj have racked up 33.9 million views. All because Raj changed his mind — like we knew he would.

Watch Raj promising to sing love songs to Angie every day in the video below, and don’t forget to share.


When My Dad Told Angie ‘I Will Always Love You’ Like The Whitney Euston Song…😽❤️🥹 #iwillalwaysloveyou #whitneyhouston #love #cat #catdad #grandpa #foryou

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