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Dad Sold Beloved Car To Make Ends Meet, 20-Yrs-Later Sons Stun Him With Heartwarming Surprise.

old photo of car and man in shock

An internet search to surprise their father took two brothers on an unforgettable five-year journey. Their father took everything he had to purchase a 1965 Chevy Impala SS SuperSport when they were kids. He loved that car to death.

But the 20-year love relationship with the vehicle was ended in the mid-80s when the father had to sell it in order to provide for his family during tough times. Their dad never forgot about the car and neither did they. So his two sons decided to try to track the car down.

Chevy Surprise 5

They began by searching its VIN number, only to discover it had been sold multiple times and records were now lost. Frustrated with the last of results, they were on the verge of hiring a private investigator when one of their wives encouraged them to give the internet search one more try.

This time he found it!

All the sons’ hard work after five years led them to a dealer in Canada who allowed them to purchase the exact car their dad had to sell more than a quarter century ago.

Chevy Surprise 4

But they wanted to set up a grand reveal, so they gathered the entire family at a park. When their dad heard the roar of the engine of his beloved car, he turned around in amazement.

“Dear God, that’s my old Chevy,” the father exclaimed, seeing the car in a beautiful condition.

“We got it Pops!” his son says as he steps out of the driver’s side door.

The father immediately grabbed his chest in disbelief. He couldn’t hold back his excitement or tears.

Chevy Surprise 2

“It’s not just a car. It’s all the memories and feelings, it brings all that back.”

Chevy Surprise 3

Check out the priceless moment below that was 5 years in the making.

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