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Dad Reveals Years-In-The-Making News To His Stepson — His Reaction Is Priceless!

Chris Overton talks to his step-son, Jameson, in a pool. Jameson looks shocked.

There are moments in life we’re sure to never forget – for Chris Overton and his newly adopted son, Jameson, this is one of those moments. This Stepdad in Elk Grove, California has been going through the process to legally adopt him for years. That’s why, when it finally became official, Chris couldn’t wait to share the news with Jameson!

Chris, who recently had surgery for a broken femur, didn’t even let that stop him. When he saw that Jameson was playing in the pool, he didn’t hesitate to join him. He took him to the side, letting him know he had news to share.

“I’m your dad now,” Chris revealed.

And just like that, this sweet kid leaped into Chris’ arms! The two of them embraced for a moment before they began to exchange “I love yous.”

Watch the tear-jerking moment Chris tells Jameson he’s officially adopted in the video below.

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