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Dad Helps Son With Cerebral Palsy Live His Dream By Running Over 200 Triathlons.

Jeff Agar helps his son prepare for a triathlon.

Johnny Agar had always dreamed of competing in triathlons as an athlete. Unfortunately, he’d been diagnosed with cerebral palsy shortly after he was born. This disorder makes it difficult for the now-28-year-old to get around. However, he and his father are proving that, where there’s a will – and a lot of love – there’s a way!

Jeff Agar, 59, is helping Johnny experience life to the fullest by entering triathlons with him by his side. As a team, the father-son duo have completed over 200 races, including a full Ironman triathlon that required them to swim, bike, and run 140 miles in just 17 hours.

“I mean, I’m not a fan of swimming, biking or running, which is perfect for triathlon,” Jeff joked as he spoke with CBS News. “This probably wouldn’t be in the top 100 things I would select to do… I’m not doing it because I love it. This is Johnny’s dream and I’m giving him the legs and the power to do it.”

Although Jeff typically provides the majority of the manpower, it was important to Johnny to cross the finish line of the Ironman on his own two legs.

“Walking in races was my way of telling dad, ‘Okay, I’m not just going to say thank you anymore, I’m going to actually put words into action,'” he said.

In 2021, Johnny published a book about the experience of racing with his father. It’s called “The Impossible Mile: The Power in Living Life One Step at a Time.” He and his dad now form Team Agar, using their story and the power of motivational speaking to inspire others.

Jeff Agar helps his son prepare for a triathlon.
Johnny Agar/Facebook

“When we completed that 140.6-mile Ironman together it had an amazing impact on many people who had seen our story,” their website reads. “We began to see that competing isn’t just about us crossing the finish line: it’s about helping others leave uncertainty in the dust–even those facing greater obstacles than we did.”

Earlier this month, Jeff and Johnny received some incredible news. They were invited to compete in one of the toughest triathlons out there: the Ironman World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii! CBS News had the honor of extending the invitation, visiting the family in their home. What made the occasion even more special was a pre-recorded video message from Johnny’s idol, athlete Peyton Manning.

“Rumor has it you’re a big fan of mine,” the quarterback said, “I’m a big fan of yours as well! You guys are incredible; you’re a true inspiration.”

Watch the video below to see the heartwarming moment Jeff and Johnny received the big news!

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