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Dad Spends A Year Constructing “Magical” 2-Story Playhouse For His Little Girls.

The owner of a construction company in Highland, Michigan, has built such an elaborately designed playhouse for his two daughters that you have to wonder if he actually needed a city building permit.

Adam Boyd, president of ATB Building, spent his spare time over the last year building the two-story, 24-foot-tall playhouse for his two daughters, 5-year-old Avery and 2-year-old Violet.

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The interior has all the bells and whistles of a standard home, including light fixtures, hardwood floors, and furniture.

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The design even features a loft where they can while away the afternoon with a good book:

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The initial plans started out much more modestly — just your standard playhouse, really. But Adam wanted his daughters to have a big structure where their imaginations could soar, something they could look back on fondly and proudly.

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“I got to a point where I just asked myself, ‘Why stop now?’”he said. Avery even helped out with some of the smaller aspects of the project, sweeping floors, carrying in bits of wood and even “sanding the crown molding with me. She loved it.â€

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Both the first and second floors have their own wrap-around verandas, and the girls can drop down to the ground floor from the wooden bridge using either a curving, tube-like slide at the side, or a ramp — which doubles as a climbing wall — at the front.

A second climbing wall stands beneath the bridge, and a rope ladder hangs on the other side. With so many ways to enter and exit their “fort,”Avery and Violet will have a time trying to secure their fortress from marauding pirates.

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Although it wasn’t officially completed until just last month, Adam said they and their mother spent the entire summer inside, having tea parties and eating pizza.

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“I don’t know if it was all the love that was put into the playhouse or what, but it really does feel magical out there. It seems like all the kids that visit feel that. It’s been put together since August now, and the girls play in it daily,”said Adam’s sister, professional photographer Rachel Goldsworthy.

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The feedback Adam’s received since posting the photos on Facebook last month have been so positive, he even plans to start a new business, Spoiled Rotten Homes, with an eye toward designing unique and elaborate playhouses for other children.

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